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21.09.2008 CER Silverstone 2008 ... back

The last round of the CER Series took the teams to Silverstone. This time John Starkey was back and raced together with George Tuma in the Porsche 3.0 RSR. Siggi and Philipp Brunn shared the 3.0 RS/4 again. The team had the goal to keep the Porsche 3.0 RS/4 in the top three of the GT2 class. George and John wanted to improve their lap times compared to 2007.

Free practice on Friday ended without any trouble, the track still being quite slippery but dry. In the afternoon the wheather seemed to be fine and both cars were on slicks on the pre-grid. A few minutes before the start of the session the first rain drops started. As the rain got heavier both cars had to be changed on wet weather tyres. It was the first time ever for the RS/4 in the wet on a race track. Philipp did some laps to make sure the handling was fine and stayed out for a short time only to save the rain tyres for the race. At the end of the session the 3.0 RS/4 had still posted the third fastest lap time overall - which is an excellent result for a GT2 car.

Second qualifying was dry and lap times dropped significantly. George and John reached their goal of improving their lap times. Siggi and Philipp were less fortunate, as the distributor suddenly was out of function. The RS/4 had stopped after one timed lap only. The drive gear on the crankshaft got damaged, so the mechanics had the difficult task to swap the engine in about three hours. They managed to do so and the car was able to start the race from its grid position.

The start of the race was very good, Philipp being able to overtake three cars. After nine laps Philipp had to come in for an unplanned pit stop. Siggi drove the second half of the race. At the end they scored just enough points to keep the lead in the GT2 class. George and John had an almost trouble free race - read more on Johns website about his spin.

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