12.09.2004 Classic Endurance Racing - Race report Spa
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Brunn Racing entered its Porsche 908/3 for the CER race at Spa on the 10th and 11th of Septemper 2004. Philipp Brunn set the 2nd fastest time in the first qualifying - only being beaten by the Ligier JS3 driven by Bobby Verdon-Roe. The gap to Barazi in his Porsche 917K in third place was almost 6 seconds. There would have been no benefit in trying to qualify the 908/3 on pole as the Ligier JS3, the Porsche 917 and the Gulf Mirage M6 are much quicker on the straights. For this reason the team decided to concentrate on race-setup in the second qualifying. Most cars improved their lap times - while the 908/3 achieved a 2:30.7 on old tyres with a full tank. Bobby Verdon-Roe qualified on pole with a 2:27.3.

At the start of the race Philipp Brunn was overtaken by the Mirage. The Porsche 917 went past the 908/3 on the long straight after Eau Rouge. After two laps Brunn managed to overtake Barazi and closed the gap to the Mirage. He got past the Mirage easily and kept the gap to Verdon-Roe virtually constant - which had built up during the time he was stuck behind Barazi. After the pitstop Brunn wanted to close the gap to the Ligier as the handling of the car improved with the reduced fuel load. Then some tyre rubber got caught in the throttle linkage which forced Brunn to return to the pits. By the time the problem had been sorted out he had dropped back to 10th postition. Unluckly Verdon-Roe ran out of fuel in the 56th minute of the one hour race. Barazi won, ahead of McAllister and Klaus Ludwig. Despite this misfortune the team is happy with the result as the Porsche 908/3 is one of the quickest cars in the CER Series - pulling almost 200 km/h through Eau Rouge!

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